The Community Pro-Rectory - PROC, is the instance responsible for the articulation of various Unigranrio sectors in the conduction of programs, projects that express the University’s commitment with the sustainable and human development.

By “going beyond the classroom”, Unigranrio, grounded on ethical principles, integrates the social training of students to the production and transmission of knowledge. The University Extension is defined in the Teaching Projects of the Undergraduate and Technology Undergraduate Courses.

From the institutional organization standpoint, the extension is organized in four basic axes of institutional character, an expression of our values and of our way of existing in the society, from which the extension activities are added: Unigranrio Community, Unigranrio and Sustainability, Unigranrio and Development.

Responsabilidade Social nas IES Responsabilidade Social nas IES 2017-2018

Extension Projects

Unigranrio, through its programs and projects, promotes the dialogue between the academic community and the external community. The projects mobilize faculty members, students and the community about sociopolitical, cultural and environmental matters, in favor of the local development.

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