Mobility with Scholarship or Financial Aid

The scholarship is an aid, of variable value, offered to the exchange student, by a public or private entity in order to assist with housing, food, transportation and other types of expenses as a result of having an academic life at a foreign institution. The Unigranrio’s criteria to select the chosen ones for the programs with scholarships are related to academic merit, based on, mainly, in the school records of the student as well as in the letter of intention.

The student who is interested in receiving a scholarship to course a period of studies at a foreign institution must stay tuned to public notices published at the website, where he or she will receive the main information regarding the respective disclosed Exchange Program with scholarship. After gathering all the documents required by the public notice, it is possible to apply, providing all the information required. All valid applications will be evaluated by a body of faculty members and technical-administrative staff, who will be able to choose the students eligible for mobility with a scholarship or pre-select the students who will go through an interview, after which the students accepted for the program will be determined.

The documents required for the application and participation in a program vary according to the specificities of each destination institution or the mobility covenant (universities groups involved).

Public Notice 2018