Mobility by Bilateral Covenant

The mobility to institutions affiliated to Unigranrio do not foresee financial aid for the student, to afford the costs related to the period of study abroad. This type of mobility foresees only an exemption of academic fees, such as enrollment and monthly fees, in most of the affiliated universities.

Unigranrio keeps agreements with many foreign institutions. In order to have access to the list of covenant universities, click at the link below.

International Covenants
How to apply:

PROC frequently publishes public notices for the mobility programs without scholarships. Just access the page Documents and Notices to verify the possibilities and open spots at the moment.

The documents that are usually required are:

School Records: Requested by the Uni Service Portal.

Letter of Intention: text of personal and original content, of size that may vary between one paragraph or two pages, in which the student transmits his or her intentions regarding the exchange program for which is applying, expressing his or her personal and academic achievements and the reasons that encouraged him or her to choose a determined foreign institution to study.

Valid passport for the academic mobility period, which means, with expiration date not prior to 6 months.


The required documentation may vary, so pay attention to the public notices of each program.