Internationalization is one of Unigranrio’s differentials. The University understands that it is extremely relevant to establish partnerships with entities of diverse countries, to create integration bonds and increase of the training possibilities to our students and faculty. Students’ mobility is ensured by annual public notices, in addition to those specific for application of the scholarships offered by Santander Bank.

PROC/NUCEN is the entity responsible for the making these partnerships official on the full University context.

Application Pre-requisites:
  • Be an Undergraduate student, regularly enrolled in Unigranrio Undergraduate Courses;
  • Have concluded at least 20% of the course’s credits at the application moment (some programs require a higher percentage of credits concluded);
  • Have to course at least one academic semester at Unigranrio after the end of the exchange program, as a mandatory requirement, in order to conclude the full course. That means that student can’t be in the last school semester at the time of the exchange program.
  • Other requisites, besides those, will be specified in the Public Notices destined to each exchange modality.