Undergraduate Pro-Rectory
Professora Hulda Cordeiro Herdy Ramim

Pro-Rector of Undergraduate

The Undergraduate Pro-Rectory – PROGRAD, grounds its actions in the institutional mission, vision and values, making its job to implement the Undergraduate guidelines and policies disclosed in the Institutional Pedagogical Project (PPI) and in the Institutional Development Plan (PDI). Therefore, it has as main activity to implement and execute, in a permanent way, the evaluation and updating of Pedagogical Projects of the Undergraduate Courses, based on concepts, assumptions and references of the Unigranrio Teaching Model, which is focused on the training by competences, and the professional and personal development of the student, in a way to ensure his or her work capacity.

The Teaching Model is grounded in the search for excellence, having the student as protagonist of his or her training process, seeking to integrate, in an inseparable way, the human and citizen training, as well as the qualification for the professional activity.

  • Excellent Results in the external performance indicators
  • Development of the competences required both by society and the job market.
  • Academic innovation: adoption of new practices in the teaching-learning process.
  • Portfolio: development of projects to solve the profession’s real problems.
  • Pedagogical-didactic training program for the faculty members.

PROGRAD is composed by two boards of Directors

Evaluation Board of Directors
  • Self-assessment of the Undergraduate Courses.
  • Fulfillment of the quality standards in the evaluation area of the course.
  • Planning and management of actions to affect improvement in the internal and external performance indicators.
  • Active participation in the processes of authorization, recognition and recognition renewal of In-class or distance education courses.
  • Definition of rules and norms for the elaboration of the assessment tools.
Learning Board of Directors
  • Development and Evaluation of the Teaching Model.
  • Methodological and Technological Innovations in the Undergraduate Courses.
  • Academic and Pedagogical development of the Courses Coordinators and Professors.
  • Support to the Coordinators of courses and NDEs in the preparation and development of the Courses’ Pedagogical Projects.
  • Planning of pedagogical and academic-administrative actions in the In-class and Distance Learning modalities.
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