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ODONTOCLINEX Focus Area and Lines of Research

Focus Area:

Clinical and Experimental Odontology

At the only Focus area – that projects itself on the course’s name, there is a convergence and activities of knowledge and activities, flexible and highly personalized, of doctors capable of moving through the avenues of the contemporary Odontology. The lines of research, articulated among themselves and with a set of diversified disciplines, include projects that, starting with the stomatognathic repercussions of the systemic deviation processes of the health state, approach cellular and molecular aspects of the inflammation, pain, malign degeneration, advancing through the new diagnostics field open by saliva’s metabolomics in oral health. These aspects, in their practical and theoretical dimensions, are projected in the investigation and development of new therapeutic approaches such as the ones offered by instruments and materials of different origins and nature, from the awareness of their mechanical and biological interactions with the tooth, bone and soft tissues. The odontology research and clinical practice, bidirectionally integrated find shelter in the Focus Area inserted in research projects capable of approaching the familiar history and risk factors, environment factors, oral microbiota composition and genetic predisposition for the identification of biomarkers, in the path for the development if a Translational Odontology based on evidences and with solid scientific basis.


Lines of Research:

1. Technologies and Materials employed in Odontology

This Line of Research adds projects destined to study the biological characteristics (biocompatibility and bioactivity), the physical-chemical properties (mechanics, structural, micro-structural and of surface) of the materials for odontology applications. The Line includes projects of investigation of the structural characteristics of dental tissues and their biomechanical behavior before the materials and techniques employed during the clinical procedures. Simulation methods and of analysis by finite elements in mathematic models are used, as well as methods of image, including micro tomography, biochemical analysis, mechanical essays, metric extension and photo elasticity techniques in experimental models and clinical studies.

Oral Physiopathology

The Line of Research in Oral Physiopathology adds projects that study the physiopathology repercussions in the oral cavity before the main pathogens, including the microbial interactions. The Line includes projects about the epidemiologic aspects of cancer and the most prevalent diseases of the oral cavity, through the identification of molecular markets (genes and microRNAs) which are found differentially expressed in the most diverse diseases that affect the oral cavity. In this project, patients who had oral diseases (periodontal disease, pulpal inflammation, periodontitis, neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions of oral mucous) will be examined through methodologies that start from cellular culture, passing through the microbiology investigation of pathogens and culminating in molecular analysis such as conventional PCR, qPCR (quantitative PCR), DNA methylation analysis and genomic sequencing. There is also an investigation about the correlation of these biomarkers changed in the oral diseases with the clinical data from the patients. Through this genetic and epigenetic investigation, there is the intention of understanding the etiopathogenesis of these lesions, to determine the early diagnostics and the prognostics.


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