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The Doctorate’s course of the Graduate Program in Clinical and Experimental Odontology (ODONTOCLINEX) includes in all its areas of main interest the biological systems, the materials, the instruments and techniques of odonatological use and their relationship with clinical and translational sciences. Therefore, the ODONTOCLINEX intends the approximation of the laboratory researches results made in experimental models of their practical application.
The ODONTOCLINEX is conceived with multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary basis that, when articulated, connect the Focus area, Lines of Research and the disciplines of the curricular catalog and a holistic approach with broad coverage that see to study contemporary and border themes in the Odontology area.


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Dados da Coordenação:

Edson Jorge Lima Moreira
Coordenador Geral do Mestrado Profissional em Odontologia e Doutorado em Odontologia Clínica e Experimental - Odontoclinex