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The Unigranrio Scientific Research Institutional Program is directed to Undergraduate and High School students for the development of scientific, technological, cultural and artistic research, with guidance from qualified researchers. The application for the requests for Scholarships of the Scientific Research Program of Unigranrio are done according to the terms of the Notices published annually, in consonance with the general and specific norms of the Normative Resolution RN-017/2006 of CNPq.

The Unigranrio Scientific Research Institutional Program includes the following programs:

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Scientific Research Junior Program for High School intends to stimulate the early interest for scientific and technological research and to present to the high school student the possibility of participating in research projects developed at the University.

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The Scientific Research Program destined to the Undergraduate students that have the goal to promote the development of the scientific thinking and research initiation to students of the upper division Undergraduate courses. The Program intends to contribute to the scientific training of human resources that will devote themselves to the academic or professional activity, and providing the scholarship recipient, guided by a qualified researcher, the learning of research techniques and methods, as well as to awaken their creativity, as a result of the conditions created by the direct confrontation with the research problems.

The resources available to meet the PIBIC – Undergraduate come from the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (PIBIC/CNPq), National Foundation of Private Higher Education Development (PIBIC/FUNADESP) and Santander Universities (PIBIC/SANTANDER). In addition, the Program counts with the over the counter Scholarships of FAPERJ and CNPq as a result of the applications made directly by the researcher.

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Program of Scholarships in Technological and Innovation Initiation for undergraduate students. PIBIT’s main goals are: to contribute with the training and insertion of students in research activities. technology development and innovation; to cooperate with the formation of human resources that will devote themselves to the strengthen the innovation capacity of the companies of the country; to concur with the training of the complete citizen, capable of creativity and entrepreneurism before the demands of his or her community.

The resources available to support the program come from the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (PIBIC/CNPq) and from Grande Rio University.

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