CDC/QCiência Notice – Scientific Research 2014


Application form of the CDC E Q’Ciência Festival


List of PIBIC,PIBIC – EM and PIBITI Projects


The short films, Documentaries, and Animations about Sciences, News Reports for Printed Vehicles (CDC) and QCiência: Strips of Comic Books are based on projects of the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM (PIIC) and of the INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM OF RESEARCH IN TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION (PIBITI) OF UNIGRANRIO UNIVERSITY.

The CDC and QCiência – Scientific Research are initiatives from PROPEP with the School of Applied Social Sciences (Social Communication Courses – License in Advertising, Journalism and Graphic Design) and the School of Education, Sciences, Languages, Arts and Humanities (Course of Visual Arts).


To awaken the interest for the Scientific and Technological Communication in the students of Social Communications. In this context, the students must show the capacity to understand the scientific speech and skill to transmit the themes, many times complex, of science and technology, in language and production of images that enable the understanding of the contents by a non-specialized public.


• To stimulate the audiovisual, textual and creative production by undergraduate students of the Social Communication course, in the licenses of Advertising and Journalism, intermediated by the production of documentaries and news reports for printed vehicles (CDC) and production of comic book strips (QCiência) by the students of the Visual Arts and Graphic Design Courses.

• To promote de disclosure of the works done by scholarship recipients from the Scientific and Technology Research of the Unigranrio’s undergraduate courses and high school.

• To promote the integration between students of the social communication courses with the students, scholarship recipients of the scientific research program, who develop research projects in different areas of knowledge.

• To stimulate the debate, criticism, textual production and rescue of the sequential art.

• To motivate the creation of the most different advertising mechanisms, capable of making science, technology, innovation known by the greater audience.


Emílio Antônio Francischetti
Pró-Rector of Graduate Program and Research

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Virginia Genelhu de Abreu
Director of the Scientific Research and Initiation Nucleus

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Profª Haydea Maria Marino de Sant`Anna Reis
Director of the School of Education, Sciences, Languages, Arts and Humanities

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Prof. Dostoiewski Mariatt de Oliveira Champangnatte
Professor of the Social Communication Course, license in Advertising

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Prof. Alexandre de Sá Barretto da Paixão
Coordinator of the Visual Arts Course

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Prof. Alvaro Luiz Vitorio Machado
Coordinator of the Graphic Design Course

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Profª Anna Paula Lemos
Professor of the Social Communication Course, license in Journalism

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Phone number: (21) 2672-7743 / (21) 2672-7861