Unigranrio na Educa??o B?sica

Motofog’s Project

In this project, the activities directed to the students are based on active methodologies that use problematizing as a strategy of teaching-learning, with the goal of reaching and motivating the student, because before a problem, he waits, examines, reflects, relates his history and starts to assign new meanings for his discoveries. With the intention of creating a problematizing environment, the students are stimulated to: Participate in collective games with cognitive challenges; to watch and debate educational movies looking for collective solutions; to experience situations of practical application of knowledge that articulates with the reality they experience; to make scientific experiences to observe, discover and report; to express knowledges and values through the contact with alternative materials and collective challenges, generating possibilities of experimentation of new techniques and pursuit for solutions.
Such actions will be directed so that the target audience deepen and broaden the meanings elaborated upon their participation, in a way that they can maintain the permanent exercise of the reflection of their actions in relation to the environment and all their implications.




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