Dear Professor colleague,

You are our guest to join a dialogue about the improvement of Elementary Education. Our starting point are the diverse proposals of didactic material that we will make available, soon and for free at this Portal, so that with your contribution too, the advance of the teaching-learning process takes place at the Baixada Fluminense. Therefore, your participation will be indispensable to provide opinion about the obtained results, with their applicability.

Know that the portal and these products were developed by Marketing & IT Teams, professors and researches from UNIGRANRIO. These professionals, always concerned with the quality of education offered, are looking for partner professors who are active in the Elementary Education, so together we can continue the research work developed in this University.

So, browse the options menu and verify the offer for projects and products. Choose the one that can positively contribute for your teaching practice and use it to prepare your lessons. Do not forget to, later, return to this Portal to inform us about how useful it was to use of these suggestions.

We appreciate your partnerships and wish you Good Job!

Director Prof. Haydéa Maria Marino de Sant´Anna Reis
School of Education, Sciences, Languages, Arts and Humanities;
Teacher of the Professional Master’s degree in Sciences Teaching in Elementary Education.
Coordinator Prof. Carlos Henrique de Freitas Burity
Professional Master’s degree in Sciences Teaching in Elementary Education.