What is Distance Learning?

Distance Education is a learning modality that takes place without a physical or temporal proximity between the professor and the student. It is intermediated by technologies, providing flexibility and autonomy.

How does Unigranrio’s Distance Learning work?

Through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), you will have access to a set of interactive media, videos and reading materials, in addition to the follow-up from teachers-tutors who promote group discussions as well as clarify each student’s questions individually.
The virtual classroom is the space to develop competences and skills in a collaborative manner.


Blackboard is our teaching platform that offers you an innovative educational experience, with easy access to classes contents, teachers, coordinators, and classmates. All that online!

With the Blackboard Mobile TM Learn (IOS and Android) app, you have access to your courses, contents, notices, grades and much more, making all academic practices available.

At the virtual environment, you perform all academic practices and access the course’s available study content.

System’s Requirements

In order to study at the online platform, you need to have a device (smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop computer, Smart TV) with internet access and a web browser installed on this device (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge).

What is different about Unigranrio’s Distance Learning?

  1. Trained teachers – tutors, which means, specialists, masters and doctors who are experienced and active in the job market;
  2. Different materials formats, such as handbooks, videos, podcasts, infographics, and others;
  3. Complete structure with labs, libraries and trained tutors;
  4. Virtual library with over 20 thousand titles;
  5. English, Math and Portuguese courses for free;
  6. Courses with Intermediate certification each semester;
  7. The diploma is the same as in the in-class course, recognized by MEC and by the job market;
  8. Access to all services and areas of the University, such as the in-class students;
  9. Supporting poles network, spread across the State of Rio de Janeiro.


The poles have all necessary structure to service the Distance Learning student.

Unigranrio offers lectures and events at the poles to promote integration and provide more knowledge to your professional and academic life.

Your physical presence at the pole is only mandatory to take a in-person exam, but other activities may be performed such as: inaugural class, use of library or computer labs, academic journeys, group studies, in-person questions and in-person interaction with professors-tutors.

Characteristics of the Distance Learning Student

At the distance learning format, you have the flexibility and autonomy to organize your studies. It is indispensable to have discipline and commitment for your success. Here are a few important tips: