Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee (CEP - Unigranrio) is a social control instrument over scientific researches involving human beings and data resulted from them. Every research, at any field of human knowledge, involving human beings in a direct or indirect way, must be submitted to its ethical analysis by a Research Ethics Committee (CEP), properly registered and accredited by the National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP/CNS/MS). The CEP-Unigranrio analyses all researches developed at the Univeristy and of other institutions, only when they are sent for appraisal and competent report of results. Researches coming from other institutions are analyzed by CEP-Unigranrio upon indication from the National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP/CNS/MS).

CEP-Unigranrio was constituted on March 4, 2002, by the means of the Rectory Administrative Act. In September 2003, it was formally acknowledged and accredited by CONEP/CNS/MS beginning to have public relevance from that moment on. The main attributions of CEP-Unigranrio, according to what is included on its Internal Regimen, approved by CONSEPE (Unigranrio Learning and Research Council) in a meeting of June 25, 2002, review and updated by CONSEPE in December 13, 2002, and homologated by CONEP/CNS/MS are:

a) To protect the research participants on their integrity and dignity;

b) To qualify the honesty of the scientific research involving human beings and data resulted from them, as well as to dignify the academic activity of the researcher;

c) To integrate society, in an immediate and mediate way, with the research activities developed at Unigranrio;

d) To promote reflection around the ethics on the activities developed on science. (Resolution CNS/MS 466/12. VII,2).

CEP-Unigranrio is formally ruled by the National Health Council (CNS). It is institutionally attached and subordinated to the National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP). of the National Health Council (CNS), of the Ministry of Health (MS). CEP-Unigranrio meets the guidelines and norms of researches involving human beings that appear at the Resolution CNS/MS n° 466/2012, valid from June 13, 2013, with publication date at DOU n° 12, Section 1, Page 59.