Unigranrio’s Health Residues Management Commission

The Council of Teaching, Research and Extension – CONSEPE and the magnificent Rector, constituted the Internal Commission of Health Services Management – CIGSS.
This commission received the attribution to diagnose, propose corrective measures, guide, oversee and control all actions directly or indirectly related to the packaging, collection, transportation, storage and final destination of the residues generated at Unigranrio.

  • To prevent health and environmental risks, through the correct management of residues generated by health services;
  • Rationalize the consumption of materials, avoiding wastes;
  • Maximize the segregation of reusable residues;
  • Equip people to adhere the selective collect program;
Contact Info of the Health Residues Management Commission

Call Center: (21) 3219-4040 / 2672-7751 Extension 751

Tower C – Room 401

Duque de Caxias Campus

E-mail: residuos@unigranrio.com.br

Infográfico de Reciclagem na Unigranrio