What are they?

Unigranrio is an University that has the goal of promoting life quality, having the educational process as basic instrument for that. In order for such thing to happen with safety for the students, faculty and staff, there are three big commissions in place at the University.

Which ones?
Internal Evaluation Commission – CPA

Responsible for the management of the internal evaluation processes of the Institution, of systematization and delivery of the information requested by the Federal Government.

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Biosafety Commission

Responsible for the elaboration, indication, proposal and evaluation of the application of biosafety parameters of the Clinics, Polyclinics, Labs and other facilities used by Unigranrio’s Schools and Institutes.

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Health Residues Management Commission

Responsible to diagnose, propose corrective measures, guide, oversee and control all actions directly or indirectly related to the packaging, collection, transportation, storage and final destination of the residues generated at Unigranrio.

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