How to register for the Scheduled Vestibular (Entrance Exam)?

The registration for the Scheduled Vestibular can be made Here, or through the Service Center, on the Phone Number 3219-4040
(Information related to the current process.)

How to use the ENEM grades?

The registration is made with the ENEM grades. It can be made through the Service Center, on the Phone Number 3219-4040, or Here. After your registration, it will be necessary to turn in the proof of registration at the Campus or chosen unit, containing the ENEM grade results.
It is not necessary to pay the Vestibular fee, it will be exempt when providing the documents or through the system in case the registration is made through the Service Center.

How to pay an expired invoice?

The expired invoice may be gotten with updated date Here. If the expired invoice is unavailable, it will be necessary to contact the Service Center on the phone number 3219-4040 to verify the unavailability reason. Invoices expired for more than 30 days may be negotiated at the Secretary of the Campus or Unit.

Who needs to take the Vestibular Exam?

Candidates who are interested in starting their 1st undergraduate; students who are found in the course abandonment situation for more than two years; who stayed for more than four periods with their enrolment frozen.

Does the Vestibular grade grant me the right of getting a scholarship?

There is no test that concedes scholarships at the Institution. Unigranrio offers the follow discount options:

  • Affiliations with Companies: discounts granted to the students enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Sibling discount – 10% discount for each sibling enrolled in Unigranrio’s undergraduate program and resides in the same address.

  • Returning Student Discount – 30% discount during the entire course for Unigranrio undergraduates (that entered through Vestibular exam). 20% during all course to those who are partially undergraduate from Unigranrio.

  • CAP ex-student discount – discount in the tuition fee for those who coursed the High School at CAP, with: 25% for those how courses the full three years, 10% for those who coursed two years and 5% for those who coursed one year.

Why there is a Vestibular fee?

The Vestibular fee is charged to maintain the materials used during the selective process and allocation of the candidate.