A word from the Dean

More than 45 years going beyond the classroom

For over 45 years, Unigranrio invests in differentiated teaching, sparing no efforts to stay updated and connected with the changes happening in Brazil and in the world. The priority is the search for academic excellence, in addition to the diffusion of knowledge to an increasing number of students, providing more opportunities of social and human development for the State of Rio de Janeiro.

In order to achieve that, Unigranrio has an extremely qualified teaching faculty, composed mostly by masters, doctors and professionals with broad market experience, that guides researches and extension programs. With a modern teaching methodology, it provides scenarios that are adequate to reality, in addition to having a wide set of classrooms, labs, libraries, health clinics and specific spaces for learning. It also provides a Portal, from which students, professors and staff have access to many services and facilities.

By making use of the knowledge acquired in the classroom, the Unigranrio students actively contribute with the improvement of the life conditions of the population of the community where the Campi and Units are located. The Institution also carries social responsibility programs, which offer the students the possibility to engage in volunteer work.

Unigranrio promotes the integration of the human being, society and environment. Through an interdisciplinary educational project, it seeks to add resources and talents to train professionals-citizens capable of making a contribution to the life quality of the population. Unigranrio believes that education makes the difference. And, to teach is far beyond preparing for the job market. It is to make the student aware of this role of a society’s transformation agent. It means to go beyond the classroom.

Arody Cordeiro Herdy


Arody Cordeiro Herdy
Academic Education:

MBA in Administration and Business Development.


Unigranrio: 2nd best private university in the State

“I want Unigranrio among the 10 best Brazilian institutions”, emphasizes Arody Herdy.

Unigranrio’s Dean: Educational Personality of 2008

Arody Herdy received the award at the auditorium of the Brazilian Jockey Club.