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Who we are

Unigranrio’s story began in 1970, the year when Professor José de Souza Herdy created the Associação Fluminense de Educação (AFE), the supporting entity of the so called Faculdades Unidades Grande Rio at that time. In 1972, the first upper division courses were put in place – Accounting Sciences and Business Administration. The Teaching and Languages courses started to function in the following year, and in 1974 the Centro Educacional de Duque de Caxias (CEDUC) was created to function as a School of Application.

The 80’s registered the creation of the first courses in the Health areas – Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy – followed by the Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry courses. The act of recognition of the Universidade do Grande Rio Prof. José de Souza Herdy – Unigranrio, took place through the Ministerial Port n° 940, published at the Federal Register (D.O.U) of June 17, 1994, then creating the courses of Law, Computer Science and Executive Secretariat. In 1995, the courses of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the Portuguese - Spanish license at the Languages course came to integrate this list.

The 90’s registered the creation of the Medicine and Physical Therapy courses, which came to enrich the health area. During the first semester of the year 2000, Unigranrio launched the Physical Education course. In 2003, it was created the Bachelor’s degree course in Social Services and many higher education Technology courses and, in the first semester of 2004, began the Bachelor’s courses in Nutrition, Licentiate’s degree in Arts Education (Visual Arts) and Licentiate’s degree in History.

Currently, Unigranrio has Undergraduate, Technology Undergraduate and Lato Sensu Graduation courses in various knowledge areas, and 4 programs of Stricto Sensu Graduation, Professional Master’s degree and Doctorate degree in Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, Academic Master’s and Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Academic Master’s and Doctorate’s degree in Humanities, Cultures and Arts, and Professional Master’s degree in Sciences Teaching in Elementary Education.


To promote life quality, having the educational process as basic instrument.


To be an Institution recognized among the 10 best private universities in Brazil, operating nationally in all areas of knowledge, promoting a positive experience for the student at the personal and professional levels, beyond the classroom.

Institutional Values

These are the values lived by Unigranrio: Faith, Freedom, Peace, Solidarity, Honesty, Justice, Dignity, Tolerance and Ethics.
Based on these values, Unigranrio guides its decisions with Focus on the Student, Focus on the Result, Innovation and Simplicity.

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