What is it?

Unigranrio considers the human being as a whole. For this reason, the Chaplaincy sector of the University is concerned about meeting the needs of its students, faculty members, staff and their families in the broader and deeper sense of their existences.

The Chaplaincy seeks to treat each individual’s spirituality from an integrality view of the human being. The understanding of the inseparable interaction of the human being in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions come together so that Unigranrio, through the Chaplaincy activities, offers support to the members of the Unigranrio community, specially related to their spiritual needs.

The Chaplaincy intends to answer all demands related to the individual and collective spiritual demands in the multifaceted academic universe, through debates, religious celebrations, advices, publication of texts, and others, providing assistance in times of adversity, conflicts and spiritual anguishes with which the human being is confronted.

The Chaplaincy is exercised by the body of volunteer chaplains, mainly constituted by professors and students of the Bachelor’s degree course in Theology of Unigranrio, and also, in partnership agreement with professors and students of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Duque de Caxias.

The Chaplaincy is, therefore, a helpful team that is always available to those from the Unigranrio community who need support, assistance and guidance related to the spiritual needs, constituted by their students, professors, staff and their families.

Unigranrio’s Chaplaincy

Bachelor’s degree in Theology of Unigranrio in partnership with the Baptist Theological Seminary of Duque de Caxias (STBDC).

General Coordination of the Chaplaincy

Prof. Renato Zambrotti


Márcia Ribeiro Pedra Fixe


Prof.: Clarck Gable de Araújo Barros (STBDC)